My passion for technology comes from the creative process and the challenge to build dynamic applications, that greatly enhance productivity. Underpinning all of my work is the principle of keeping things simple. This reduces development cost, ensuring than IT investment pays dividends immediately. The other benefits are also rapid development & deployment, minimal user training, greater user participation and reduced maintenance overheads. The development of new IT technology is a journey for both the business commissioning the work and developers coding the solution. This is a journey that is best traversed in small steps as the familiarisation of new features and functions often change the direction of a development with both parties gaining insights during the course of the development. Those insights could never have been anticipated prior to starting.

     Over the course of a thirty year career, I've contracted to some of the world's biggest companies like IBM and BP and also some of the smallest. Even for companies like BP, where the cost was less of an issue, a simple approach enabled greater user participation on a data collection website. Speed of development is also a big factor. Being able to create a tool for money market dealers at the Union Bank of Switzerland enabled them to take advantage of rapidly changing financial opportunities. One of the most effective applications, I created, was for the birth of EFTPOS New Zealand Limited. Working with the two owners I optimised the efficiency of 9 telesales operators hired at the start of the business. It has since grown to 160 employees and 40,000 customers.

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Microsoft Access and SQL Server are good options when moving on from Excel. This case study shows how MS Access and VBA can be used to bridge the transistion by moving a process to a bespoke application but still retaining Excel compatibility. Upscaling Excel to a database
MS Access to Excel
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